TallGirls: Fashion That Fits

I’m always nervous to shop somewhere new. I get excited at the prospect of new options and having more options if all is successful, but I’m often hesitant and expect clothes to not fit. The sad reality of trying to dress my 6’2 frame.

I recently got some new goodies from TallGirls for the first time, and of course was excited but wary to get TOO excited when most items were only available down to a UK10. This would normally be equivalent to a US8 and I generally wear a US6. According to their measurements on their sizing chart though, it looked as if I might be in luck. Their website had many pretty items but the real test would be when the item arrived and I was able to try everything on.


This lovely slim leg play suit turned out to fit even better than I imagined. It’s so lightweight that even in the heat of summer, I don’t mind wearing pants. It also looks great with sandals, sneakers AND heels, so you really can’t go wrong with this piece.


I chose to pull the pants up on my shins so it didn’t hide any of the details of the sandals. The length, pulled down, is exactly perfect for my height with a 36″ inseam, but if you’re any taller, they my come up a touch short.


Overall, my first experience with TallGirls was absolutely lovely, so this isn’t the last of them you’ll see on my blog 🙂


Jumpsuitslim leg play suit in Black, TallGirls
I’m wearing a UK10.
PS.. It’s on sale for nearly 50% off!!
Sandals: Dolce Vita’s “Karma” sandal from Shoo by Steve Madden



Photos by Naomi Peters

6 thoughts on “TallGirls: Fashion That Fits

  1. Hi Stefanie,

    I totally understand what you mean! I am also often very hesitant if something new that I am trying on for the first time will fit me or be awkwardly short on my ankles and/or wrists. So great that you found something that fits and looks so beautiful on you! It looks comfortable, yet so classy and elegant! Love your sandals too!

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