The Wedding Date

On Saturday, I had the most wonderful date being my love’s +1 to his friend’s wedding. The day started with a boat cruise over to Toronto Island, where the ceremony and reception took place. It was a day full of fun, beautiful people and overflowing with love.


I found the most perfect dress from The Store on Queen to wear to this perfect summer wedding on the island. I didn’t “shop tall” for this dress this time around, so the length sits right above my ankle. Normally I’d rather the dress be shorter or longer, but on a hot summer day and plans to be on the island, this dress paired with a cute strappy sandal was exactly what I was looking for. It also made it easier dip my toes in water on the beach. Thank youuu summer weather for making fashion choices more flexible!


PS.. I may or may not have caught the bride’s bouquet that night. I’m not saying I had an advantage buuuuttt, I may have had a tiny advantage.



Dress: Cotton Candy LA “Arian” dress from The Store On Queen
Sandals: I was having too much fun and failed to get a photo of my sandals WITH my entire outfit, but I paired this dress with Dolce Vita’s “Karma” sandal from Shoo by Steve Madden (pictured below)


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