About Me

As a kid, I always wanted to be The Little Mermaid. Ariel is still my favourite Disney princess and I’m happiest somewhere by a beach, but living in Canada I can’t always live in a bikini so it’s important to find stylish clothes that fit my 6’2 frame! Tall options are so much better than they used to be but that doesn’t mean shopping and dressing for Tall is easy which is why I’ve been doing my best to share my favourite finds since 2016, when ‘The Tallest Mermaid’ was born.

Fun facts about me:

  • My cat’s name is Princess Penelope. My step-fur baby (an old surly tabby cat) is named Nintendo.
  • Mexican food is my favourite (which was probably influenced by my Mexican Mennonite family background)
  • I went to school for Business and graduated from McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario
  • I’ve never watched Lord of the Rings
  • My first CD was Christina Aquilera’s first album in 1999
  • I’ve only been to 5 different countries: Canada, the United States, Mexico, Sweden and Jamaica.
  • I was in Total Recall for less than half a second
  • I walked in Toronto Fashion Week 3 times, and attended once as a blogger, before it was canceled
  • I’ve dabbled in cosplay, both personal and professional!

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