Jazz Festival!

It seems I can barely keep up with summer this year but I refuse to let that keep me from enjoying it. We all have a million and one things going on but with the Jazz Festival in the Beaches, I had to take a time out and enjoy the music.

Last year was my first year checking out this particular Jazz Festival and I was SO excited to be back again. Queen St East gets shut down for the evenings and bands set up all along the street for the remainder of the night. You spend the evening wandering through the Beaches, feeding off of the assortment of food trucks available, and stopping multiple times on every city block to listen to a variety of different bands play music until the sun sets. I was SO excited when I found out that my favourite from last year was playing again this year and made sure that he was our first stop. Quincy Bullen makes soul food for music and I could have listened to him all night long. But alas, there was more music to be heard, and I needed to fill myself with as much of it as possible. Another favourite that I came across this year would have to be Oka Feel Good Music from Australia. Their trancy jungle vibes made me feel like dancing all night long like I probably would have done at Wayhome (sad face for missing out on that one btw). We called it a night right before the sun set and were sent off via drumline. It was difficult to walk away from that one, because good drumline just gets everyone’s toes tapping. Actually let’s be real, I find it difficult to pry myself away from  any form of live music.

Photo 2016-07-23, 10 03 48 PM

Street festival vibes meant I had to dig through my closet to find me some festival appropriate rags. I call them my vacation pants and they were definitely a lucky find, fitting nice and long compared to most other garments that were otherwise average lengths! I bought them a few years ago (as an outfit with this top), from one of my favourite boutiques in the city, The Store On Queen (TSOQ). While they are no longer available, the boutique carries many different styles or brands, all of which are beautiful. Lengths for my tall sistas, however, are a hit or miss, as with just about any shop/brand that doesn’t specifically carry longer lengths.

Photo 2016-07-23, 7 14 06 PMPhoto 2016-07-23, 7 14 07 PMPhoto 2016-07-23, 7 12 19 PMPhoto 2016-07-23, 7 12 55 PMPhoto 2016-07-23, 7 13 09 PMPhoto 2016-07-23, 7 11 36 PMPhoto 2016-07-23, 7 11 41 PM


Pants: TSOQ
Bikini: WalMart
Sandals: Dolce Vita


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