My Go-To Pants


If you’re a tall girl and you’ve yet to discover Topshop’s ‘Tall’ department, you have definitely been missing out. I struggled for years to find my go-to brand/store to buy pants at, and since I’ve started getting my pants there, it’s the very first place I refer every other tall girl to.

I generally have a fresh pair of their ‘Leigh‘ (pictured above) and ‘Joni‘ styles in my wardrobe for my every day pant. Both are fitted skinny jeans, which are my favourite to wear, and both come in a variety of colours.

Unfortunately, the pants only come in a 36″ inseam, so for those that are even more vertically gifted than myself, this might prove to be a bit short. To be fair, they do note that the clothes are for “5’9 and over,” so even some of the styles they carry are pushing the limit for myself. Because of this, I prefer to shop in-store so I can try on the garments first (almost always necessary when trying to fit an atypical body type). Living in Toronto makes it easy enough for me to stop by the downtown location, but their selection has recently become extremely limited, almost forcing tall girls to shop online instead (Hudson’s Bay Company in Canada or in the US).


Outfit details:
Pants – TOPSHOP Tall MOTO Black Leigh Jeans
Sweater – Free People
Boots – Steve Madden
Toque – The Store On Queen

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