Tall Shopping with Style

My very first experience at a “tall girl store” was in my preteen years. I was already finding it difficult to find clothes that fit my tall, extremely lanky figure, so I did some research and asked my mom to bring me shopping at Tall Girl, a store dedicated to clothing for vertically gifted women.

It was early 2000’s, low rise pants were all the rage, and though I wasn’t necessarily best dressed in my class, I liked to think I had decent taste in clothing. So when I walked into Tall Girl, and was overwhelmed by styles closely associated to the ‘mom jean’ (which was no where close to being back in style yet), I was NOT impressed or excited to shop. Though I settled on a pair of grey plaid dress pants that day, I wasn’t exactly thrilled about the high waisted fit, and I think I wore them all of 3 separate occasions. I never returned to that store, deciding that Tall Girl seemed more like Tall Mom and that “tall girl stores” didn’t align with my sense of style or resemble anything close to trendy/updated fashion.

This is something I continue to struggle with to this day. I consider my style to be young and trendy, but generally simple and casual. I love statement pieces, and edgy, rocker chic type vibes, and feel best when my outfit says something different. In my experience, I’ve yet to find a tall girl shop that caters to all of this, but then again, I’ve spent most of my adult life avoiding them like the plague. I’ve gotten by this long on many brands/stores that I’ve fallen in love with, but sometimes they miss the mark on fitting a taller stature. This blog has had me diving back into the world of tall clothes and reminding me that there ARE clothes that fit perfectly and that I don’t have to settle. Perhaps I’m overly picky, but the part I’m still working on, is finding styles that I love in the sizes that my body loves.

Know of some tall brands/stores you think I would love? This tall girl is still learning to shop tall, so send me your shopping faves.

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