Do I Love It?.. Or Does It Just Fit?

I’ve been trying to figure out what exactly it was that I wanted to do with this space and my little platform for the past few months. Obviously I love sharing my love of fashion and how that looks being a taller lady, and I knew that I wanted to continue sharing my fave outfits, but trying to figure out how I wanted that to look was still a bit of an open ended question. I’ve been lacking inspiration, especially going into the coldest greyest part of the year. It wasn’t until I sat down for an amazing chat with fellow tall girl Whitney Dosty (founder of upcoming tall swimwear brand, Wavelength Swimwear), that I started to unwrap a few questions I personally wanted to find answers to. I realized that answering a very big and important question needed to be the “why” to what I share.

Do I love it?.. Or does it just fit?

I often look into my closet and although I’m constantly dealing with a hanger shortage, I feel as though I have nothing to wear. I’ll look at the piles of tall pants I’ve accumulated (it’s surprisingly a LOT), and the ratio of pieces I love to how many pieces are there is embarrassingly low. Whyyyyy am I holding onto pieces that don’t excite me??

I know exactly why, and I know so many of you tall women can relate. It took a LONG time for us to have any sort of clothing options, so often times, purchases weren’t made because we were completely heart eyes over something, but because it fit and THAT’S what made us feel nice. But I want to feel heart eyes over my wardrobe. I want to look like how I feel and I’m hopeful to find more brands that align with that.

So. I still don’t know exactly what this space is going to look like. But I know I want a little bit more rock and roll. A little bit more colour. A little bit more edge. But still a whole lot of class. I want to dive a little deeper into what MY style is, and not just what tall options are available. Whether or not, my style is always available in ‘tall’… well I guess we’ll find out!

In the meantime, here are a few outfits and items I’ve shared/styled, that I’ve loved over the last few weeks:

Jumpsuit: Long Tall Sally, Jacket: Missguided (no longer available), Belt: my closet
Sequin Blazer: Boohoo, Sequin Pants: Boohoo, Jacket: Missguided (no longer available)
Coat: Missguided, Pants: Boohoo
Hat: Juicy Couture, from Winners, Jacket: Missguided (no longer available), Boots: Missguided

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Happy 2022!! xxx

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