Why Are My Wrists Cold??! – Tall Winter Coats

I recently shared a Reel/Tiktok about buying a ‘Tall’ coat, and the sleeves coming up short.

I knew it would be relatable within the tall community I’ve found, but I’ve seen a handful of comments on IG about how many women “just buy men’s coats” so they’ll fit. First of all, there’s nothing wrong with wearing men’s fashion because let’s be real, sometimes we can find great styles AND they often have sizes that more often cater to height. BUT for that to be our only option or the only option easily accessible??! That’s a big NOPE from me. We shouldn’t have to settle for short sleeves, or settle for styles that we don’t love, just because that’s all that fits. And for many of us who live where it’s cold and where warm coats are imperative to every day life outside, not having options is not an option.

SO, here are some of my winter coats and where they came from (in case you need ideas on where to find those options:

First on my list is my TNA winter coat from Aritzia, from probably the year 2013. I keep it for the coldest of cold days here in Toronto, not because it was fashion forward, but because it fits, it does the job, AND, my wrists are never exposed/cold. The interior sleeve adds a little extra length and the slim fit option hugged my body so that the bulk of the coat was still flattering on my frame.

I LOVE this one. Fit. Style. Nineth Closet nails it every time.

This custom made peacoat is from Sumissura!! Not only can you pick and choose every detail, but instead of ordering a specific size, you send in your exact measurements to have it tailor-made, which means NO SHORT SLEEVES GUARANTEED!! (use code clb_tallmer10 for 10% off if you order)

Most of you know how much I’ve loved Alloy Apparel over the years and items like this coat are part of the reason why. Size and style are both perfect in this one. It’s no longer available, but check out my current favourite alternative HERE. (use code STEF20 for 20% off if you shop)

My last winter coat from Mooseknuckles is actually one that I won from an IG contest back in 2015 and was pleasantly surprised with the sleeve length. Although I can’t specifically speak to styles available now, it’s definitely worth checking out!!

I DO have a few more jackets that I didn’t share that were from Long Tall Sally, before their sale and rebrand. While they aren’t available anymore, I did see that the new LTS has restocked some classic winter coat styles. I don’t own any of their new coats yet, but after trying out some of their clothing, I’d be pretty confident in the sleeve lengths so I’ll share them below!

Like I said, not having options, is not an option. Hope this helps 🙂

Until next time,


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