Am I late to the Shacket Train?

I don’t know if I’ve just never paid attention but I recently came across the term “shacket.” I mean, the term makes perfect sense.. It’s a shirt/jacket! (duh).. but are these new?? Or have I just had my head in the clouds? ……..let’s not make any tall jokes here….

Either way, I recently did a little wardrobe refresh as we start to move into Spring and added a few transition items from Missguided to my wardrobe, including a few shackets as we come into Spring, and I LOVE THEM! I paired the tall gray longline brushed check shacket with a pair of Missguided palazzo pants and boots that I’ve owned now for a few years.

*This blog is not sponsored but does contain affiliate links. Thank you in advance if you choose shop via the links I’ve shared ❤

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