Loungewear Forever (or at least until lockdown ends)

If you’re from anywhere outside of Ontario, Canada, I’m a little jealous. We’re in lockdown number 3 or 4.. or 5?.. I’ve lost count. Lliving in Toronto, we technically haven’t come out of lockdown (though what that looks like has changed MANY times) since November and I’ve been working at home since I switched to my new job in September.

Needless to say, my need for anything (fashion related) other than loungewear is very low right now. I strive to be comfortable, but also cute enough so that if I have to make a grocery run, or need a little midday walk, I’m still moderately put together. I’m a little sad because I miss putting together statement outfits, but finding statement loungewear is filling that void 🙂

So what do you like to do to take loungewear from your home office, or couch, to the street? My easiest solution is adding a jacket and a great sneaker or boot. As soon as it starts to get warmer I’m excited to add blazers into the mix. And maybe by then I’ll be able to start styling other outfits too lol.. but at the rate things are going here, I’m afraid to get my hopes up.

I was wearing this Alloy Apparel set in a Small (in both sizes), but the Black set seemed to fit a bit tighter.

Top: both colours
Pants: black, tye-dye

If any of you are in the same boat, I hope you’re able to maintain some sense of sanity through all this, and if you’re working from home, able to stay equal parts cute AND cozy 🙂

This post contains affiliate links. Thank you in advance if you choose to shop through them <333

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