Revkor Junction

When my friend Nicole reached out and invited me to try out a new workout space in the city, I was pretty excited. As you all know, I’ve been actively making fitness more part of my lifestyle over the last few weeks (which has been going surprisingly well), so I was eager to add another option to my workout routine.

I was also excited to get some wear out of my Tall Girls UK running leggings. I’m not much of a runner, but they’re so comfortable and I love having a workout pant that is ankle length! They move and breathe so beautifully and the zip pocket below the waistband on the back would be convenient if I needed to store some cash or my keys if I decided to go for a jog.

I decided to visit Revkor Junction last Friday. I scheduled myself in for the 6pm revMIX XPRESS class, even after seeing how intense it looked when I watched a few videos. I knew I had set myself up for a challenge, but I’ve been working out for the past few weeks so how bad could it really be?


When I arrived, I was instantly in love with the space. The huge windows and warehouse feel won me over. The space was beautiful, bright and clean, and definitely inspiring. Upon arriving, I met husband and wife team Sarah and Matteo, who run the space, and their two lovely pups! Matteo set me up with a mat and showed me how to set up my ropes up so they were suitable for my height.


Once everyone arrived we began a few minutes after 6pm. I quickly realized within the first 2 minutes or so that this workout was going to kick my ass, but in the best possible way. There were plenty of variations to each move in case it was too intense for anyone, which I really appreciated. Everything was easy to follow, though challenging to execute especially as we got deeper into the routine. Without the challenge though, what kind of workout would it be?

Surprisingly, although I felt as if I may not make it through at times, the workout went by quickly and I was already thinking about how I can’t wait to come back and work even harder next time. I’m particularly interested in going back to try out the Yoga class taught by Sarah. I love the concept of the entire workout using the hanging tension ropes, and am interested in how it’s used throughout a yoga session.


Have any of you tried out a Revkor workout before? What were your thoughts? If not, I definitely recommend giving it a try, and if you’re in Toronto, change up your workout and visit their new space in the Junction. You’ll have fun! I promise 🙂




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