The beginning of November is bittersweet. First of all it means that my birth-o-ween is officially over (I celebrate my birthday on October 29, plus, of course, Halloween within the same weekend). It also mean that the cooler weather is here to stay and, usually by now, getting colder.


I’m all for fall weather. For most fashionistas, it’s the perfect time of year for fashion. It’s the time of year for jackets, scarves, hats and layers! It’s my favourite time of year (having my birthday at this time of year helps lol), but there’s always the impending doom that the snow is just around the corner.

This week I played with some layers and also pulled out my leather shorts that I can never actually wear in the summer. Pairing thigh high socks with shorts makes them wearable in cooler weather and is a fun and playful way to change up your fall wardrobe.

My jacket in this post is from Bench. I never realized that they made items that fit taller girls but I’m so stoked to add another brand to the list of brands I can wear! I love how cozy this coat is, like a big oversized sweater. I picked this one up from Long Tall Sally during their 40th Anniversary party and probably would never have discovered that Bench fits me if they didn’t carry a selection of outside brands.


Coat: Bench, from Long Tall Sally
Shorts: Glamorous, from The Store On Queen (ps, they’re actually overalls!!)
Sweater: H&M (from the men’s section)
Socks: American Apparel
Socks and headband: Aldo


Photos by Adam Holmes

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