That Fit Life

My boyfriend and I have been talking embarrassingly long about how we’re going to get back to the gym and get back to living a healthier lifestyle. I wouldn’t say that we’re particularly unhealthy, but neither of us have really been very active for quite some time. For the last year I’ve had a week here or there where I’ll go for jogs or do an at home workout, but I get so easily distracted when I’m at home and lose all motivation.

So about a month ago, while I was in the midst of working on cosplays between work and sleep, we decided that once the craziness of FanExpo had settled, we would join a gym and commit to going together. The couple that works out together, stays together, ya?

So that brings us to the middle of September. I feel like I’m back on a somewhat normal schedule since FanExpo finished, so last week Wednesday, we joined the gym. Not gonna lie, having fitness on the  brain definitely inspired this week’s look.


This also brought me to the realization that my selection of workout gear is VERY minimal and that I need to do some research on some great workout tights for these long legs. These LTS leather leggings look and fit really well, but they’re definitely not what I would actually wear to the gym. If you know of some brands that offer cute/long styles, I’d love to hear. This girl needs to stock up!


I completed my look this week with this super rad trainer jacket from my friends over at Pink City. I love how long it fits, and how cool I can look while still getting my nerd on. I feel like I should be gaining extra magikarp candies though while wearing this, because I’ve got a LONG way to go still until I can evolve them into a gyarados.. Gotta catch ’em all! …..or so I’ve heard.



Leggings: Leatherette Leggings, Long Tall Sally
Top: by Evil Twin, from  The Store On Queen (no longer available)
Jacket: HYDRO PUMP trainer coat, black, Pink City
Sneakers: Converse


Photos by Adam Holmes

One thought on “That Fit Life

  1. Hi Stefanie,

    I love how you made these LTS leather leggings look so sporty and cool! Really great look! I was smiling reading your article, because my bf and I are in the exact same situation. We’ve been talking forever about starting to work out again together but always something “more important” got in the way. So last week, we managed to start running again and it felt great! Reading your article motivates me to keep going! And btw… looking at your pics, it seems like you never even left the gym, you look so fit! 🙂

    All the best and have a great weekend,

    PS: If you’re looking for more tall sportswear, maybe you find something that you like in our curated Tall online boutique Pretty Long:


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