Custom Footwear from Sumissura??!

I’ve been working with Sumissura for a few years now to share my experiences and orders of custom made garments. Being able to order made-to-measure clothing that fits my 6’2 frame perfectly is an absolute dream. Needless to say, my suit collection is starting to look pretty impressive!

Within the last year, they’ve also added custom footwear options to their website, and yes, I’ve given it a try by ordering a pair of custom boots AND a pair of custom loafers. Even though I wasn’t the most adventurous when customizing my boots (I went for a pretty classic brown leather boot) there are SO many options and combinations available.

With the rise in popularity when it comes to loafers, I was so excited to customize my own pair in my most recent order to add to my closet. This time I decided to mix and match colours/materials and absolutely LOVED the result. The only thing I would be wary of, is that after submitting my measurements, their sizing guide prompted me to order a size 8 in this style (when I normally wear a size 9), which feels a little tight. I know they’ll stretch so I’m hopeful this will help, but I would still love to see half size options. Their current size offering goes from a US3 to a US12 which is pretty extensive but I know that still leaves out some of my fellow tall babes. So as much as their footwear is customizable, they still have some limits.

(click here to see how I styled my loafers for the first time)

I will continue to find reason to order custom suits/footwear, and if this is you too, be sure to use my code clb_tallmer10 for 10% off when you shop! And if you do, tag me!! I’d love to see all your custom creations!


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