Shein TALL??!

I have mixed feelings about Shein as a company, but recently discovered their Tall range. I was completely unaware that this was even an option and HAD to see if there were options that actually worked for my height. Not gonna lie, I was skeptical that their limited size range (often only offering XS, S, M, L sometimes XL) would actually fit well despite their “Tall’ label.

They offer many different options beyond just pants (tops, jackets, jumpsuits, etc.) but I only tried out two pairs of pants, BOTH of which happened to fit me PERFECTLY. I’m still in shock and even more surprised at how much I actually like them (I’ve been wearing the jeans almost every other day since they arrived). I’m normally a US size 6 and ordered a medium.

Although these two items fit me perfectly, I’m still unsure if that would be the case for everything offered in their Tall range, so there’s a few things I would recommend when making these purchase decisions:
1. Always check the model/product sizes where available. Their size charts vary and can be used to make a choice when it comes to sizing for each individual item.
2. READ THE REVIEWS!! Often times there will be plentyyyy of reviews for each garment. Not only will you get an idea of the quality of the item you’re purchasing, but you may also see a review from someone with comparable sizing to you to help give an idea how it might fit you! And if you happen to find something that fits you well, leave a review with as much sizing information as you can to help your fellow tall girls make their own purchasing decisions.

Me wearing the SHEIN Tall Slant Pocket Wide Leg Jeans

If you’ve had success with other tall items from them, please let me know!!


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