Should we have to ask for Tall options?

I often see super cool and trendy brands coming up in my feed and on my explore page while I’m scrolling IG and get excited, only to immediately realize they probably don’t carry tall options. I used to just keep scrolling, but lately I’ve decided to start to leave comments when I see something I’d like to wear. How can I expect to see styles I love in sizes that fit, if I don’t ask?? I mean… In a perfect world, I wouldn’t have to ask, but we all know that’s not the case.

We may have many options when it comes to finding clothes that fit (way more than we used to have!!), but I’m asking for more, and I hope to encourage my fellow tall babes to do the same. So when you see something you’d love to wear, apply a little pressure: “I would love to rock these, if they were available in longer inseams!” Tag a tall bestie: “Imagine these were available in Tall sizes??! We’d look so cute.” Or just lay it out. “Please make a tall range!! I’d LOVE to be able to wear these.” Who knows.. It might not make a difference, but it won’t hurt! I might even start emailing brands to ask. Maybe eventually, they’ll listen.

Anyways, here’s an outfit I wore this past weekend. The pants are from Fashionnova where I’ve found a few of my favourite tall flares in the past. That being said, a lot of the styles that I’ve been loving recently in their “tall range” have only been going up to 34-35″ which is notttttt ideal. Here’s hoping some of those 36″+ options come back soon!

Pants: Fashionnova (37″ inseam) – I’m wearing a size 7
Top: Boohoo (also has a matching pant HERE) – I’m wearing a size 8
Jacket: Alloy Apparel – I’m wearing a size Small but might opt for a Medium for extra room in the shoulders
Boots: Olivia Miller, from Marshalls
Sunnies: Solkyst


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