I Don’t Know How to Dress For Summer!

Somewhere along the line I’ve become a middle aged conservative woman when it comes to fashion, and I am STRUGGLING to figure out how to dress myself in hot summer weather. HELPPP!

Last summer, I was still bartending and most of my wardrobe still reflects that, and putting it on this summer is nottttt aligning with what I’m feeling. Everything I have for hot weather feels a little too young and casual and lacks the sophistication and style I’m longing my wardrobe to have. Not to mention the fact that I’m feeling a little naked these days when I show so much skin which is not something I ever felt years prior lol..

Perhaps if I made up for it in style, I wouldn’t mind showing extra skin, because this is definitely not an issue I have when I’m on the beach. But being completely honest, I’m so much more comfortable when I’m balancing those small tops with a great pant. Or those cute shorts with an oversized or flowy top or sweater. Both of which leave me a little overheated when we’re in the hottest parts of the summer.

So if anyone has any tips on how to stay cool in extreme heat, by all means, share your tips!! I really feel like my wardrobe needs a hard reset, but I don’t even know where to begin.

So for now, here are a few of my summer outfits so far this year.. not exactly meant for the hot hot days, but great for evenings or spring or early fall…. lol

(Featuring a bunch of my latest fave purchases from FashionNova’s Tall range, and then some <3)

Pants: FashionNova, Top: Cider, Cardigan: Ardene, Shoes: Sam Edelman
Pants: FashionNova, Top: my closet, Ring and earrings: Jouer, Bag: Shein
Pants: FashionNova, Top: Juicici
Pants: FashionNova, Top: Raiment NYC

Suit: Missguided, Top: Juicici, Shoes: Calvin Klein

Suit and Shirt: Sumissura, Sandals: Asos, Bag: Shein

A couple notes:

Get 18% off your order at Juicici, using code ‘tallestmermaid’

Get 10% off your order at Sumissura, using code ‘clb_tallmer10’

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