Power Jumpsuit

As soon as I put this jumpsuit on for the first time, my first thought was Well.. If we end up having a courthouse wedding any time soon, at least I’ll have something to wear. THAT BEING SAID.. No.. There was no secret wedding and this wasn’t my courthouse bride look. Ya girl is still waiting for a ring!!

So why did I get all dressed up this week?! We’re still in the middle of a stay-at-home order here in Ontario. This outfit, head to toe, gives me such boss bitch vibes and I am ALL about it. It makes me feel like a powerful executive running things from her fancy office with a view… buuuut I’m still working from home. From my couch. *womp womp*

This whole look would also lend itself well to a boujee brunch party.. for whenever we get those back again. Socializing with friends, sipping mimosas, and ordering avocado toast that I could make for a fraction of the price at home. Oh how thrilled I would be to go out for brunch!

To be honest, I would be thrilled to wear this outfit just about anywhere. Which is why I decided to get dressed up to go pick up pizza, then promptly took it off upon returning home so as not to get any pizza ON it lol.. It was a little short lived but so worth it, and now that the weather is getting nicer, don’t be surprised to see me strolling through the park in something equally as powerful. Life is too short for all my outfits to go unworn.

Shop the Look:
Jumpsuit: Alloy Apparel (I just checked and it is currently out of stock, but hopefully they restock this gem!!)
Blazer: originally Asos (out of stock), but Alloy Apparel has an amazing statement blazer that I’m obsessed with!!
Boots: originally Missguided (out of stock), similar pair from Asos
Earrings: found similar option with crystal detail on Asos
Necklace: originally Missguided

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