Missguided Tall

Anyone who has been following me on my socials has probably caught on to my slight obsession with Missguided’s Tall range. It’s one of the first Tall options I came across when I started exploring other tall options and have always kept my eye on them. While they don’t always quite get the tall stamp of approval from this 6’2 glamazon, they’re extra length is often passable.

Not too long ago, I was in touch with Missguided and they gave me a gift card to spend on some of their fall pieces in exchange for posts on my socials. Obviously, I was stoked to take them up on the offer, and shared my choices and a few thoughts over on my YouTube channel, BUT, there were a few things I didn’t talk about.

First of all. Their tall range is for babes who are “5’7 and taller.” I think I’ve shared this here before, but I’m sorry.. what about the girls who are 6’+??Might I suggest a taller range, or one that includes multiple inseam options. Tall doesn’t just mean longer pants, but a little length added everywhere. A lot of us aren’t just tall in the legs lol..

Another thing.. When I was shopping for that specific haul, I made the mistake of initially browsing their site without limiting my search to their “tall” range, and let me tell you, the amount of options available to the average height FAR surpasses the options available to me. For example, many of the collab releases don’t get offered entirely in Tall sizes. We all know that finding TRENDY tall items can be difficult, and while Missguided has definitely done their part to bridge that gap in the tall market (continuing to offer more and more options), after looking at everything else they have to offer, they could definitely do better.

I used to think that perhaps there wasn’t enough demand for tall items as an explanation to why I couldn’t find “cool” pieces for my height, but the growing tall communities across the internet tells me otherwise. Missguided makes fashion accessible and affordable (especially with its constant sale offerings), and it would be rad to see that translated equally across all the ranges it offers.

I’d love to know your thoughts on this. Let me know if you’re a Missguided stan, if you prefer a different tall range, or if you avoid fast fashion altogether.

Shop Missguided for yourself with my personal affiliate link: https://tinyurl.com/MissguidedTall


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