Mix and Match

You never realize how much stuff you have until you move. This month has been the absolute craziest, spending time packing and moving our old apartment to our new one. Just when we think we’ve got everything pretty much tied up, there’s another van load to be moved. The way everything worked out, we ended up having over a month overlapping which gave us time to move everything over the course of a few weeks, but paying for two apartments for almost a full month also tightens up the budget a bit. This is why I decided to share some of my favourite pieces that I bought ON SALE!

The best part of this entire outfit, is the fact that the mixing of patterns and textures doesn’t necessarily make sense together, so much so that it just works. Even though I love the idea of mixing and matching, my day to day mood/vibe is not generally this bold. But every once in awhile, that’s exactly the style I’m  looking for.


Shirt: TTYAxLTS Origami Flower Over Shirt, Long Tall Sally
Originally $99, still available and on sale for $39!!
I’m wearing a size 6.
Shorts: TTYAxLTS Origami Flower Shorts, Long Tall Sally
Originally $79, still available and on sale for $35!!
I’m wearing a size 6.
Jacket: The Store On Queen
Though this awesome faux fur jacket is no longer available, the store often gets great and unique pieces, and when they go on sale, they reallyyy go on sale! When I bought this one, if I remember correctly, it was 60% off the sale price ❤
Bag: Holographic Weekender by Current Mood, Dollskill.
$45, but I scooped it up during their Cyber Monday sale for 30% off! (though they often have some sort of sale/promo going on)
Choker: Notice Me Senpai leather choker with brass stud closure, Oak & Honey x Pink City
Newly released item, $24. Not currently on sale.
Shoes: Aldo

Are there any brands that generally host great sales? I feel like I’ll be catching up after this move for awhile, so I may have to stick to fashion on a budget and I need all the tips I can get. Where do you find your favourite deals??



Photos by Naomi Peters

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