My Love Story

Valentine’s Day marks three years of ‘I Love Yous’ with my boyfriend and I, so what better way to celebrate than to share our love story with you all, starting from the beginning. If mushy love stories aren’t your thing, I strongly advise you to turn back now, and return when I’ve got some more fashion fun for you. If you’re all about the romance, jump right in 🙂


I don’t remember who sent the first tweet, but Adam (my 6’4 ‘Lovahh’ as I call him) came across a photo of my bum on the Twitterverse (I’m sorry, I forgot to mention that our story is a bit unconventional). Apparently it peaked his interest, especially when he realized I was in the same city as he was. We exchanged a few tweets here and there and he popped up on my radar because his profile photo was definitely cute, and described a producer who traveled to New York, LA and Toronto. At the time I was about to move out of the city, and regardless, we were both in relationships that were slowly growing apart, so it was at the time but a mere online acquaintance.


A few months passed, and while I was living about an hour and a half outside of the city, I was back at LEAST once a month for a photoshoot, or to visit friends. One of these trips back, I saw that his most recent Instagram photo was through the window of a laundromat that I recognized, and coincidentally, would be passing by shortly. I decided to stop by, and officially say hello. It was random. Perhaps a bit awkward. But we became friends irl.


It’s funny how the universe works and brings people into your life at different times, for different reasons. I obviously wasn’t aware when we met in a laundromat that a few more months down the road we would find ourselves at the end of each of our respective relationships. We began to speak more frequently, and one day he mentioned in passing that he needed a vacation and planned on taking one during his time off that February (we are now mid-December). Surprisingly enough, he extended the invitation out to me. He says he never really knew what to expect, but figured there was no harm in asking. Initially I was very taken aback. I mean, I didn’t really know this guy. And he wanted me to travel with him??! The idea seemed a bit crazy, but then without much thought, I agreed. Newly single and just looking to make the most out of life and the experiences thrown my way, what did I have to lose? I’m pretty sure we basically had everything booked and planned before he asked me out on a date, which happened soon thereafter.


New Years Eve. I was making a familiar trip back to the city but this time, I had different plans. I was meeting a boy. And we were going out on our first date. We didn’t really have set plans, but it was New Years Eve so there was plenty going on. I remember exactly what I was wearing, how nervous I was, where we went. We spent most of the evening chatting over drinks, almost missing the countdown, after which we dropped by my friend’s party and then made the walk back through the icy streets. It was fun, carefree, and a perfect night out. Thankfully, considering I’d committed to vacationing with this man just over a month later.


Time passed quickly and before we knew it, we were on a flight to Jamaica. We had spoken probably everyday since our date, and by the time we were traveling side by side, I felt comfortable as though I’d known him for much, much longer. I remember a friend joking around before I left, saying this trip would either break us up, or make us fall in love. She was right.


I really wasn’t expecting it. In fact, I just intended to have a carefree trip, and to go wherever the wind took me. If the wind took me to Jamaica with a handsome boy whose company I thoroughly enjoyed, who was I to say no? But there’s something about the salty air, warm sun, laid back people, and overall chill Jamaican vibes.. I let my guard down WAY sooner than I’d ever imagined, and before I knew it I felt myself feeling some type of way one night while we were laying on the cliffside of our small resort, our heads side by side, silently watching the stars and listening to the waves crashing on the rocks. We both did.


We arrived back home, high off of adrenaline and hormones, and made plans to hang out for Valentine’s Day one week later. I don’t think I’d ever had official plans for Valentine’s Day, so again, I was nervous and excited, and before I knew it was back in the city to spend more time with Adam. He completely surprised me and booked us a room at a beautiful hotel, and also made dinner reservations. I dressed like a lady, him, a complete gentleman, and we enjoyed dinner and drinks out, before retreating back to our room. I’m not sure how it came about, but we were lying side by side, probably reminiscing our previous week in Jamaica, and he told me he felt it when we were there, but hadn’t said it for fear it might be too soon. He loved me. My head was telling me  that maybe it was all happening too quickly. That I shouldn’t be so easy to open up. But my heart was already bursting at the seams, and I decided to listen to it. “I love you too.”


That was three years ago today. I was at a time in my life that I was so open and receptive to what life had in store for me, and am so happy and beyond thankful that what the universe brought to me during that time was the love of my life. I knew then that he had so many qualities that I loved and I also knew that his heart was genuine and pure and I quickly fell in love with him for that. What I didn’t know at the time, was how well he would complement me, how well he would understand me, and how much he would love me for me. I’ve never met anyone as relaxed, patient, and gentle in a relationship as he is, and consider myself lucky every single day I get to call him my Lovahh and my best friend. I get excited when I wake up feeling more in love with him than the day before, and look forward to the intensity that love will continue to grow into when we’re an old and surly couple.


We fell in love with no expectations, and it’s led me to the greatest of adventures. As we’ve been moving into our next chapter (moving into a new apartment and entering our 3rd year of living together), I look back on where we’ve gone, how far we’ve come, and get excited for where we’re going. Especially on days like today when I’m reminded to celebrate just how great our love really is!


Note: photos do not coincide with any points of the story, but are just some of my favourites of us ❤


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