If you follow me over on my personal Insta account, you may or may not have noticed a lack of clothing for what I’ve deemed #nopantsjanuary. After seeing that my most liked posts of 2016 were generally without clothes, I figured it would be a fun and cheeky way to kick off 2017. Since I’m comfortable sharing it, and since it would generate higher traffic and more interactions, I figured ‘Why not?’

Now, I love fashion. I love creating outfits, and I love playing around with different combinations, even if it’s something as simple as jeans, a tshirt, and a snapback. But I also love being naked, or at least close to it. I swear I was made to live in warmer weather for this very reason. What I didn’t really expect from sharing these photos though, is that it would be so much more for me than just a fun theme for the month.


The biggest result from this month so far has been motivation. As most of you know, I committed myself to living a healthier and more fit lifestyle back in September when my boyfriend and I signed up for gym memberships. Though my schedule is generally all over the place, I’m super proud to say that I’ve not let a week pass where I’ve gone less than twice a week (usually going at least 3-4 days a week). I hit a bit of a lull this winter but as I started taking more photos this month with less clothing, I began to see some of the progress I’ve made so far which has been incredibly motivating to keep at it. Perhaps it sounds silly to you, but it’s helped me find a new sense of body love. Loving where I’m at, loving how I’ve grown, and excited to better myself and continue growing in the future.


To celebrate #nopantsjanuary with my tall sisters, I decided to style this adorable lingerie set with my favourite TallGirls UK satin bomber! I get compliments on this jacket every single time I wear it. There’s nothing like a great outfit to leave a girl feeling incredible, but great lingerie brings a whole new level of sass and confidence.


Also, I’m curious to know if any of you enjoy lingerie as much as I do, and if you’re loving the body love type posts. I’m considering shooting more lingerie more often for the blog as an “Under the clothes” type entry, because sometimes what’s going on under the outfit is just as important as the outfit itself. What do you think?


Lingerie: SomeDays Lovin’ TOP and BOTTOM, from The Store On Queen
JacketSatin bomber, TallGirls UK
Glasses: Dollskill (sold out, but they have a tinted lense pair HERE)



Photos by Justin Robinson

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