All Black Everything, almost..

I find the trickiest part of this time of year is trying to figure out how/where to take photos without freezing in the below desirable temperatures. So far this winter though, Mother Nature seems to be on my side (either that, or global warming is becoming more prominent this season *nervous laugh*).

When I finished styling this week’s outfit, I looked in the mirror and instantly felt like some sort of lost Spice Girl. Perhaps it was the high ponytail, or the thick choker, or maybe the shade of glasses. Either way, 90s fashion brings me back to my childhood, and I love a refined throwback outfit.

I’ve still  got nothing but great things to say about Tall Girls‘ pieces. Both the tights and this jacket are tailored so beautifully and are great pieces to style with any outfit. Though I styled the jacket on it’s own, it would lend itself beautifully to a crisp blouse underneathe, for a more conservative look, and would also be a great addition to any business casual/formal wardrobe. Don’t let my photos scare you away! This jacket is beautiful for ANY age.


Tall Girls
Leggings: Tall Girls
Bralette: Victoria’s Secret (past season)
Shoes: Aldo (past season)
Glasses: The Store On Queen (sold out)
Choker: DIY.. a simple piece of ribbon 🙂



Photos by Naomi Peters

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