Back 2 (s)COOL!

It’s been a ‘couple’ of years since I’ve had to do any sort of back to school shopping but there’s something about the last week before September that always makes me feel like shopping for new things.

While I might not be going back to school, I put together this outfit as something that I would totally wear if I were. Actually let’s be real, I’m a kid at heart, and I wear this look even though I’m way past the student chapter of my life… at least for now.


Sometimes an outfit calls for a plain white tee, and though it’s not entirely plain, this incredibly rad Leather Box Tee does the trick. It’s a plain white tee with an edge, exactly my style. I paired it with my Joni’s from Top Shop, and my [not so] clean white leather converse to keep with the black and white theme.

And what’s back to school without a fresh new backpack? When I was younger, I’d be so excited because every other year I’d get a new backpack, so getting this new bag from Sprayground a little while ago gave me that fresh new bag feel all over again, but with some badass street vibes. I might not be a student, but a backpack when you’re running around the city all the time is crucial. And wearing it makes everyone THINK I’m a student (thank youuuuu student discounts lol). #idressmyage



Tee: Leather Box Tee, Hip and Bone
Pants: Joni skinnies, Top Shop
(more about my love of Top Shop’s Tall department, HERE)
Backpack: Sprayground (I warn you, they have the coolest backpacks)
Hat: Lords of Gastown
Sneakers: Converse

Photos by Justin Robinson


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