Zebra Stripes

I love a casual dress but I’m not much of a dress person, so I usually just admire them on other people. Being 6’2, it’s difficult to find dresses that work on my frame, so that effortless throw-on-a-dress-and-run-out-the-door look is not nearly as effortless for me. It’s always the same issues: short dresses are too short, mid length dresses are short dresses that are all the wrong shape and long dresses are mid length dresses that are obviously supposed to be longer. The best part of the dress shopping nightmare is that I didn’t realize how often I’d settle and make something work until I started shopping dresses that were actually made for my size. So it’s probably no surprise that today’s dress is from the tried and true, Long Tall Sally


This dress is so comfortable! The shape is so easy to dress up, but I decided to dress it down this time. I’ve paired the dress with my newest pair of sneakers and my super rad bracelet from Ashley Bridget. Even though I’m wearing it with Cons, I still felt so pretty in this dress, and of course, IT FITS. What a great feeling, when a mid length dress is actually mid length.

CU BODYIMG_6766CU DRESSbrac6 out of focusbrac5conss


Dress: Ruby Rocks Swirl Stripe Tube Dress, Long Tall Sally
I’m wearing a size 6.
ShoesConverse Chuck Taylor (leather white monochrome)
Bracelet: Grey Bracelet in Onyx, Ashley Bridget
(All accessories are 60% OFF on their site using the Promo Code TALLEST60)



Photos by Vanessa Popoli

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