This coming weekend happens to be one of my favourite times of the year in the city. Not only is it Canada day on July 1st, but this weekend is also Toronto Pride! If you’ve never been to a pride celebration, you’re missing out. It’s probably the most wonderful gathering of people who are free to express themselves and to express their love as they see fit, and celebrate the freedom we have to do so. This year, the theme for Pride month is “You Can Sit With Us.” Everyone is included. No one is left out. It’s a beautiful message reminding us all that Love is Love, and while it’s been celebrated all month, the climax of celebrations are this weekend.

The theme of this year couldn’t be more appropriate, given some of the recent headlines this month. I was particularly excited by an initiative taken by my friends over at Pink City and thought what better time to share it than now! So I spent a day with one of my favourite people (my boyfriend) at one of my favourite places (Toronto island) to shoot some photos of this week’s look.

I am wearing Pink City’s “PEACEKEEPER” jersey:

It’s been quite the rough week… and in the wake of all this tragedy and violence, it’s important that we keep spreading peace and love. As Canadians, this is something that defines us. Canada Day is just a few weeks away, so we thought it was about time to release our “PEACEKEEPER” baseball jerseys. Proceeds from each jersey will be donated to Equality Florida to support the victims of the Pulse shooting. Show the world that no matter what, we can keep shining. ‪#‎WeAreOrlando‬

IMG_5017 2IMG_5022 2IMG_5028 2IMG_5033 2IMG_5063 2IMG_5066 2IMG_5068 2IMG_5070 2IMG_5073 2

I love to shop local, and I love supporting a good cause and this jersey does both (and looks ridiculously cool).


Jersey: Pink City (I’m wearing an XL)
Bikini: Wildfox
Shorts: Zara (I’m wearing a size 6)



Photos by Adam Holmes

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