As many of you can probably relate, my schedule is always  busy. Working multiple jobs and fitting my own personal projects in the mix never really leaves much room for down time. Even when I DO have a day off, there are way too many things to do that I often fill them with some sort of plans anyways (productive and personal).

Last week, for example, I worked every day from last Sunday to Friday, planned a rare full day in the sun with my boyfriend on Saturday, and then jumped back into another full week of work yesterday. That’s why I decided to fit in a visit to Reviv on Friday.


Reviv is a wellness spa that recently opened up here in Toronto, after already having successful locations all around the world. They provide IV hydration and booster shots that cover all sorts of needs ranging from a boost in energy and hydration, to relief from hangovers, and more. At first I was a bit skeptical. It sounded like a quick fix for people who wanted to bypass putting in the work. But the more I looked into it, the more I understood why this type of treatment makes sense. It’s a great way to top off your current vitamin and hydration levels.


Overall, my experience was lovely. The space is bright and welcoming. The staff is warm and friendly. The couch is comfortable and complete with pillows and blankets when the IV fluid starts to cool you down. Not gonna lie, towards the end I started to feel a little stoned but that didn’t last long. I left feeling fantastic, and went to work until 3am that night not even feeling once, the weight of the busy week I’d had. I’m already curious about the other options they offer and am looking forward to my next visit.


For those of you in Toronto interested in checking them out, tell them StefieDrew sent you! There’s also a media event this Thursday evening if you’re interested in learning more. More details about it here, and make sure to RSVP if you plan on going 🙂


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