If you’ve read my previous posts and/or you follow my instagram, you’ll know last week was Fashion Art Toronto (FAT2016). Just as it sounds, it’s a week full of fashion and art that happens once a year here in Toronto.

This year was my third time being involved with FAT, and while I didn’t walk in as many shows as I did last year, I still had just as much fun. On Day 1, I walked in two shows back to back. I started the night with WallacePlayford and their collection Neko-pop. It was probably  the most playful and fun fashion show I’ve ever been in and was an absolute blast! As soon as I left the runway at the end of that show, someone was pulling off my socks while another helped me put on a bodysuit, and someone was brushing out my hair while another was adjusting my makeup. In about 3 minutes, I was ready for the second show of the night, Elizabeth Elwood‘s collection: Blossom. The entire collection was comprised of stunning, feminine pieces. I strutted my stuff in a beautiful light blue satin skirt and blazer with an even more beautifully embroidered bodysuit.


I went back on Day 4 for my third show, walking for Wolf n Crane. This show was adorable and probably my favourite of the week. While having that cutesy vibe, it was also dark and edgy, which is right up my alley! I also had the opportunity to shoot in this outfit with a couple 0f the event photographers, so I’m looking forward to receiving shots off the runway as well!


After walking in the shows I managed to stay and watch the following shows too. It’s so much fun to be part of the magic, but it’s also awesome to be in the audience and experience the show from the other side. I was able to see Amplify Apparel on Day 1, and Nuvango on Day 4 (among others), but I also hear that Evan Biddell’s David Bowie tribute was incredibly awesome! Even though I wasn’t able to watch all the shows, I made sure to go back and check out all the photos. Here are some of my favourite looks from this year:

Designers in order from left to right: Amplify Apparel, House of Etiquette, Evan Biddell, Odrea, Uguu, Nuvango, Lushyne, Lesley Hampton

The week went by far too quickly but overall it was an awesome one! It’s always fun to meet new local designers and see their collections come to life on the runway. I’m already looking forward to next year 🙂



All photos by Raymond Chow (CanadaWears)

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