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Yesterday I attended the model casting for FAT: Fashion Art Toronto. FAT, if you are unaware, is just as it sounds; a week full of fashion and art, held every April here in Toronto. This year’s event will run from April 12th-April 16th.

Last year I walked for 11 different shows (day 1, day 2, day 3day  4, day 4 finale). While I absolutely loved everything I got to wear throughout the week, I was very excited for one outfit in particular, which eventually made it’s way into my own closet.

DSC01705As soon as I put on the skirt I wore for the MASHA Apparel show (day 1, 3rd look), I fell completely and utterly in love with the garment. I don’t think I’ve owned a full length formal dress or skirt since probably 8th grade. Not because I prefer shorter lengths, but because finding one that is long enough is the never ending struggle. This skirt was not only beautifully fitted with a high waist, but still floor length in a pair of 5 inch heels (yes, sometimes I wear 5+ inch heels!).

One of the best parts of shopping from a local designer, is that they can often be accommodating to more detailed sizing requests. While I couldn’t find this particular skirt on her website anymore, she has many other beautiful options available from  her newer collection.


I’m looking forward to seeing who I get to wear this year for FAT! Who knows, maybe I’ll find something else to add to my closet. If you’re in the city, don’t miss out and come check out a few shows. Tickets are already available here. The countdown is on: less than a month to go. See you there!

Alternatively, Toronto’s FW 2016 Fashion Week starts today. As of yet, I’m not sure I’m able to go to any shows with my busy schedule, but I’m so looking forward to seeing photos. Next season, I’ll make sure The Tallest Mermaid gets in on the action!


Photos by Justin Robinson

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