Mom Jeans

Dear Mama, I take back everything I ever said about mom jeans!


Once upon a time, I wouldn’t be caught dead in a pair of pants that came up anywhere CLOSE to my bellybutton. I can safely say that as fashion has evolved, so have I (thankfully), and the majority of my pants, shorts and skirts happen to be high waisted cuts. Just look at my go-to pants.. and last week’s crepe pants!

I can actually see my mom laughing to herself as she reads this post, because as a kid, I would make a huuuge deal about only wearing low rise pants. Every time I’d complain that a pair were much too high on my stomach, she’d proceed to tell me about the pants she used lay down to zip up to her belly button or higher! At the time, I rolled my eyes and maybe even cried, and refused to give in. Now, I’m doing the exact same thing.

My new fave mom jean is from Long Tall Sally (which, by the way, has a location here in downtown Toronto!). I get compliments on them every time I wear them, and I think they look pretty darn cute with my Calvin Klein set! I’ll definitely be getting a LOT of wear out of these come Spring time.

TTYA Borro Jeans
Price: C$35 (on sale from C$119!!)
Inseam: 36″
I’m wearing a size 6.


Photos by Justin Robinson

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